Sunday, 27 February 2011

Chiflik, Turkey

After been through several days of grooming and rainy weather, the sky finally comes to a break! Furak sms us last night, to extend his assistance for ocean expedition, agreement was made without a second thought! The journey started about 12noon after Desmond took back Take-away from the Marina restaurant, the best Kebab in town! The take-off was easy, we quickly found ourselves sailing out the breakwater of Netsel Marina. Wind was breezy.

The wind was helpful and we managed to get 10 knots on the sea, which was very good! Along the journey, fishing boats and some other sailing boats companied at a lower speed; it took us an hour to reach the destination with the helpful wind at average 15 knots.

Chiflik, another beautiful destination in Aagean Sea, the town was told as a famous town for Russian tourist during summer time with its quiet nature.

Returning journey was not as fast as the outward journey, less wind but we managed to trim the sails and get ourselves back just before the sunset. We saw a huge fish jump not far from the entrance of Marmaris sea on the journey back. 

Selimiye, Turkey

As the trip of Sunday hot spring tour organized by yachtsmen community was full. We decided to make a trip on our own to leverage the travel kick. In order to catch the 12noon bus to Bozborun, we left Awatea at 11:30am. We took the usual walk to city, and walked to Tansas as directed by the Waiter of Pineapple, the English Pub in the Marina. The bus was not easy but we found our way through several verbal directions from the locals.

With 2 minutes walk opposite Tansas side, we got on the green bus just right in front Garanti bank. It took us 1.75 TL each to get to the bus terminal, the journey took about 10 minutes.

After some advice of the locals at bus terminal, we hop on the bus to Selimeye, the stop between Marmaris and Bozborun. This 1-hour journey across several rigid moutains took us 8TL each. The drive was splendid, eagle view over Marmaris town from the high angle and lot of forests. We spotted 2 nice places during the drive, one is Orhaniye, a beautiful bay with a well organized marina, most impressive is the sand bar at the middle of sea; the other nice destination is Selimiye!

We decided not to go further but alighted at Selimiye as the view was really grand. We only allow spending 2 hours here as the last bus set off at 3pm. (It was closed to 1pm when we arrived)
Our first stop is Sardunya Restaurant, to cure our hungry stomachs at a nice restaurant recommended by the driver. Olives, orange and lemons trees were all around us on the way to the restaurant.

Restaurant located about 500m away from the alighting point; next to the bay with a floating area just on top the sea. The decoration inside the restaurant was very nautical. John ordered a Cheese roll as starter and Curry Chicken as main while I ordered Stuffed mushrooms and a yumyum meat balls. Food was so nice that we even ordered a mixed salad to share! A coffee each for the desert, the thickness of the Turkish coffee can be told by the thickness of its powder underneath. The sinful load cost 60TL for 2.