Sunday, 6 March 2011

Fish Market, Fethiye, Turkey

The journey to fish market that was postponed by the downpour last Friday finally comes true! I started the day earlier to prepare myself for the set off at 7:30am. The weather was great!
There were so many things in the journey, and it begins with a huge Turkish Village breakfast, the food was sumptuous and well prepared compared to the one we had in town (opposite West Marine). All the food was grown on the small farm, or produced there. Organic, jams, cheeses, breads, etc. It was indeed a magnificent brunch with just so much food.

Our next visit was the Kayakoy, the eeriest ghost town in Turkey, few times in my life have I so physically felt the collective void of a people vanished, the expectant silence that hangs over the empty houses of a missing population, walking through the largest and best preserved ghost town in all of Asia minor was indeed hard to express through the word. The "ghost town" was abandoned by the Greeks in 1920's. The Greeks were actually sent back to Greece, even though they have been living there for over 400 years! This was the time of the Greek/Turkey war. Greece also sent back thousands of Turks who had live for centuries in Greece. Sad thing was that neither country wanted these people back, as really they have live in Greece/Turkey all there lives. All done for the sake of religion I guess. In the village there was 2 churches, and 14 chapels. About 4000 people live in the village. Lot of amazing photos were taken. 

The weather in Turkey is getting warmer compares to my first visit here in January, however you can still see the snow on the mountains. Then onto view an island with so many ruins. We didn't go to the island, but it will be on the list of voyages for AWATEA. It's a huge monastery about 1200 years old.
We also visited the Roman Tombs built into the cliffs of Fethiye town. I climb up and walked into one. Amazing as they are over 2000 years old.

And the last also the most important – The Fish Market in Fethiye. The first market is not just somewhere you go for an alternative eating experience in Fethiye.  You buy the fish from the market, then select your restaurant and they will cook it for you, and what ever way you want it done. Great. We arrived back in the marina at 10.30 pm!


  1. WOW!!! Kayakoy looks an amazing place. Will have to do a trip there when I have the opportunity - so much to do and so little time.
    Ciao Derek

  2. Hi Jon and Desmond,

    It is great to see you both have a wonderful time. This place sounds very nice indeed. xoxo