Thursday, 9 June 2011

Olüdeniz (Blue Lagon), Turkey

The journey was quite short and who should be there to greet us – the ice cream man that helped secure our stern line a day ago. This smart fellow motored around the bay to offer his help once again in return for selling his ice cream. This time not just the ice creams were promoted, but we were also offered some nice Russian ladies for the night, causing much laughter and mirth. 

Murray decided to walk around town, while Derek went in search of some ice. After dropping them ashore, as Desmond was heading back to Awatea he came across a young British couple whose dinghy had broken down, and the waves were pushing them towards the rocky bay behind Awatea. Desmond raced back to Awatea to get assistance and joined by our Kiwi Captain together they towed the stricken dinghy and got them on board. Our first rescue by the heroic duo! We managed to liaise with the resort where they were staying, and they soon came out to fetch them.

To continue our exploration, Desmond, John and Robert decided to row into the bay for some afternoon exercise. One of the interesting things about blue lagoon is that the inner bay is protected against pollution, and as part of the government effort to preserve its natural beauty no motoring vessels are allowed. This explains why she is titled as one of the world’s top 5 prettiest beaches.

Once we had motored around the large rocky outcrop ahead of Awatea, we noticed a big signboard indicating the no motoring policy. 

At that moment we bumped into the coast guard that apparently did not understand our intention, and kept telling us to keep off the bay. John quickly ceased the motor and grabbed the oars, which won their understanding and we soon rowed into the bay.

It was relatively different from the long sandy beach in the open area adjacent to the bay, and a lot of people were swimming and canoeing free from care. Protected by hills, the channel was relatively calm which made the rowing pretty easy. On the shores were hundreds of sunbathers greedily tanning their bodies and of course waiters moving all around serving drinks. Pity that we did not have more time to enjoy this idyllic location, but had to row back for another evening feast on board.

The evening was pretty quiet, and surprisingly not many yachts were moored in the bay. Unfortunately there was an uncomfortable swell during night, which meant a restless sleep for most of us.

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