Monday, 13 February 2012

Chritmas in Prague, New Year in Marmaris

In between and during the colder months we have been doing lots of maintenance on the yacht. Stripping down the winches and greasing them, oil changes on the motors etc., etc. A yachtie’s work is never done! We also took the opportunity to send the sails to the sail maker for some minor repairs etc..

Weather has become cold. Winter has definitely arrived with a vengeance, so does the Christmas.

John & Woei Haw spent Christmas in Prague. It was very nice, but no snow in Prague, so if the snow will not come to us, we will go to the snow. So we drove to a National Park on Christmas Day and had lunch of beer and Roast Duck and Pork Schnitzel. Heaven!!!

Back to Turkey on Boxing Day and off to Marmaris for New Year's Eve celebrations. The weather was cold and very wet but we enjoyed our time, having diner in a Turkish restaurant with Will & Gill, Georgina, Woei Haw & John. It was a good night starting with drinks at the Lighthouse Bar overlooking the harbour and then onto the Netsel Marina shopping centre for the festivities at midnight. The question is: was it the wet conditions or the festive "cheer" that cased the skipper to have a wee fall - we will never know!

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